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What makes homeopathy different?


When you bring your animal to Barbara the consultation for a chronic complaint will take up to one hour. This is because she will want to know about every aspect of your pet – not just the sore leg or the itchy skin that you brought the patient for, but also:

  • Thirst
  • Appetite
  • Energy levels
  • Fears or Emotional Idiosyncrasies
  • Personality
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Digestive Function
  • Previous History
  • Diet
  • Temperature Preferences

Especially Important: anything which makes your animal's condition markedly better or worse. Sometimes this is a food, sometimes it is a pollen or grass, so it may be the time of year, and sometimes it is the time of day, or the weather conditions.

After carefully recording all the information available, Barbara will select a homeopathic regime individualised to your animal.

Follow up is important – you will be asked to contact her for a progress report usually two weeks later.

Depending on your location, house calls may also be possible. If you live out of town, and your animal has a problem you need help with, Barbara may be able to assist. Contact her to find out.


What sort of problems can be helped with homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy is a healing system which has been used for virtually any condition which could be treated medically. Barb’s homeopathy has helped with problems ranging from an injured rabbit’s eye to a hoof infection in a horse. Whatever animal health problem you are struggling with, give Barbara a call or an email today and find out if she can help with it.

How do I give the homeopathic preparations?

The preparations are usually administered either as drops or pilules. Drops can be given directly onto your animal's gums or on a small piece of food (away from the main meal).

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